Welcome to Kathy Chin Artistry

Ready to Rumble - Photography

Kathy Chin's Photographic Artistry begins with the click of a shutter, but it doesn't end there. The journey features  life, love, and a colliding of real and imaginary worlds.


Our clients particularly enjoy images of birds (particularly egrets) and also horses because we gravitate to things we love. Capturing the essence of a fishing egret or the beauty of a running horse can be a humbling experience. Many ask if our images are photos or paintings...some are both. Technology allows us to show you our view of the world...not as good as what Nature provides, but another view.


We also use technology to bring you images of plants,  other animals, the occasional insect, and more on canvas, metal, tiles, and soon wood or bamboo...many options for your decorating needs.


In the coming months, we will also show more pet shots as well as rescue images to show you some "furever" dogs or cats who just happen to be available for adoption.