Welcome to the Artistry of Kathy Chin

Pelican in Greenery - Photography

Kathy Chin's art begins with the click of a shutter, but it's not just about photography, it's about life, love, and discovery. Artists love to share, but let's face it, sharing our photography is a very personal thing. What if our vision is skewed and you don't like the result? Sometimes it hurts, but a lesson we all have to learn is we can't please everyone all the time. That's life.


We also gravitate to the subjects we love. Getting a shot of a huge ugly spider would not be fun at all for me, so you probably won't see huge ugly spiders, nightmarish scenes, or even garbage shots on this website. I love Nature (except those spiders) and continually marvel at the beauty of different plants, animals, and birds.


Discovering new aspects of this world can be thrilling and exciting. Capturing the essence of a fishing egret or the beauty of a horse can be exhilarating, showing that shot to the world humbling.


I hope you enjoy my view of the world! 



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